Angel and Spirit Guide Readings


  • What guidance can your Angel & Spirit Guides give you?

  • Who are your Angel & Spirit Guides?

  • Where will your journey lead you?



Angels are all around us and assist us daily. They never leave us and give unconditional love and devotion. They are aware of our tiniest whisper when seeking assistance and hurry to help us.

Angels are a wonderful part of our lives.  If you request, as a friend of mine once did, they will help soften the mood of a hot headed manager, just before you need to enter a meeting. 

I asked for help from my angels when I needed to disembark quickly to make a flight connection. It was imperative that I could store my flight bag above my seat and when I boarded, there was an Angel sitting in the luggage rack, saving a space for my bag. Another instance is when I was travelling on the London Underground.  I became aware that the person beside me was about to sneeze mightily. I asked for protection and suddenly I was protected by an Angel wing barrier of pure bright energy! 

I see angels around people but often people cannot hear the Angels because of the turmoil of modern life. Angel readings bring through this advice and offers them guidance from Spirit.



Like Angels, guides join us for the journey we undertake from birth. Some are millions of years old, some are centuries. Those aged only by centuries were once people living on this earth who chose not to reincarnate but to begin training as 'Helpers' and eventually accomplished the knowledge and training to become Spirit Guides. These are often our first guides and although they don’t leave us, they are joined by the more ancient guides as we progress.

Spirit Guide readings bring though advice from your guide team and added to this, will be additional advice and guidance from the ancient guides who form my team.