Past Life Readings

Would you like to know how you lived in the past?

What you were?

What did you do?


A past life reading presents you with information about the previous life you have lived. 

With help from your spirit guides, details can sometimes include, historical periods, locations, variations in life lessons and even your previous life's name and gender.

 Readings can help explain traits that people exhibit in this life. It can help them see these traits to be a great source of comfort and power to fuel their journey and development in this life.

 It is best to come to such a reading with an open mind, as the guides will give you what is required and help you at this current stage of your journey.  


A past life reading can help:

  • Give you an insight into the  path your soul has taken
  • Give indications of how you can improve your path
  • Gain insights into your relationships and more

 People request past life readings for many different reasons.

 Often they are seeking direction in this life and may find it helpful to look back upon their soul's path.